24-25 October 2018

Asian Maritime Law &

Insurance Conference

Sofitel Singapore City Centre, Singapore
24-25 October 2018

Asian Maritime Law &

Insurance Conference

Sofitel Singapore City Centre, Singapore

About AMLIC 2018

The Asian Maritime Law & Insurance Conference brings together key players and well-known names from the marine insurance and legal market. The various panelists will bring together thought leadership by discussing key issues of concern to the industry such as the role and interest of major stakeholders in the aftermath of a major casualty, the necessity for insurance law reforms in Singapore, recent developments in the law on fraudulent claims, the future of Singapore as an international dispute resolution centre, the impact of missing ship records, fire investigations and lessons to be learnt, the implications of sulphur emission regulations, and the different views taken on policy wordings and legal concepts in different jurisdictions.


Who Are We?

The Asian Maritime Law & Insurance Conference is jointly organised and presented by the Maritime Law Association of Singapore (MLAS) and the International Marine Claims Conference (IMCC). 

The MLAS aims to promote the study and advancement of maritime law and its administration in Singapore, and to promote and consider with other associations proposals for unification of maritime law and practice of different nations.The MLAS is the national member of the Comite Maritime International (CMI) and represents Singapore at CMI conferences and colloquia.

The IMCC was formed in 2004 to encourage clear communication between those parties involved in the handling of marine losses. Although the original focus of IMCC was on hull and machinery issues and practices it has today expanded to incorporate P&I topics integral to marine casualties.IMCC is an Affiliate Member of the International Union of Marine Insurers (IUMI).





Who Should Attend?

We encourage the following professionals to join us at the conference:-

  • Average Adjusters
  • Charterers
  • Claims handlers
  • Commodity Traders
  • Insurance Brokers
  • Insurers
  • Lawyers
  • Maritime Surveyors
  • Loss Adjusters
  • Shipyard Representatives
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President of the Maritime Law Association of Singapore (MLAS) and Chairman of International Marine Claims Conference (IMCC)
The Honourable Justice Steven Chong JA / Judge of Appeal, Supreme Court of Singapore

Any casualty and particularly one involving salvage and/or wreck removal necessarily has a number of stakeholders involved, each with their own needs, wants and drivers which must be balanced. During this session a panel representing many of the main stakeholders and participants in a major casualty will discuss how this balance can be achieved considering the myriad of different requirements, both legal and practical, that need to be satisfied.

Sam Kendall-Marsden / Director of Claims, The Standard Club UK Ltd (Moderator)
Rosalind Blazejczyk / Managing Partner, Solis Marine Consultants, United Kingdom
Tony Goldsmith / Master Mariner and Partner, Hill Dickinson, Singapore
Alex Hunt / Technical Manager, ITOPF, Asia-Pacific
John Martin / Managing Director, Gard (Singapore) Pte. Ltd., Singapore
Capt I G Sangameswar / Senior Assistant Director, Training Standards Department, Shipping Division, Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA)
Marjan Schuringa / Award & Claim Handling Manager, Smit Salvage BV

For more than 100 years, the Marine Insurance Act 1906 together with the dominance of the Institute Clauses in markets, influenced the development of insurance law in many jurisdictions. In August 2016, the coming into force of the UK Insurance Act 2015 brought significant changes to familiar insurance concepts established by the Marine Insurance Act 1906 and common law, such as the duty of disclosure, breach of warranty, and the remedy for such breaches. Through the UK Enterprise Act 2016, it has also put pressure on insurers to settle claims expeditiously. What is the experience of such reforms from the UK after 2 years? What lessons can be learnt by both insurers and lawyers? In this session, an international panel will discuss the above topics and share their experience and expert views on what other insurance law reforms may be contemplated or are implemented in other jurisdictions.

S. Mohan / Managing Director, Resource Law LLC, Singapore (Moderator)
Robert Bright QC / Barrister, 7KBW, United Kingdom
Frazer Hunt / Partner, Mills Oakley, Australia

Jeremy Joseph / Partner, Joseph & Partners, Malaysia
Norman Hansen Meyer / Partner, Selmer, Norway
S W Park / Partner , Choi & Kim, South Korea

What is fraud? How does the use of fraudulent documents or other devices impact a genuine claim? Can there be a partial fraudulent claim? Will it taint the entire claim or should the insurers’ remedy be proportionate to the fraud attempted? What is the extent of cooperation required of the assured if fraud is suspected? How should insurers and lawyers deal with such claims? Is Versloot Dredging v HDI-Gerling a charter for fraudsters and untruths as some commentators put it? Should it be followed in other jurisdictions? Fraud is always an intriguing topic for insurers and their lawyers, and no doubt this session will grip the interests and curiosity of many.

Joe O’Keefe / Partner, Stephenson Harwood

The Asia-Pacific region encompasses a significant number of countries with very differing cultures, legal systems, and ways of working. Therefore, it is very risky to assume that a word or phrase will be interpreted in the same way in different countries, or that familiar legal concepts will be equally familiar elsewhere.

The panel in this session will debate some real life example of such traps for the unwary so to try and prevent others from falling into the same traps!

Iain Anderson / Partner, RPC, Singapore (Moderator)
Cedric Declercq / Practice Leader, Claims Manager, APAC Global Lines, AxaXL
Matthew Harvey / Barrister, Owen Dixon Chambers West, Australia
Lye Chow Kheng / Claims Director, APL Co Pte Ltd, Singapore

Lewis McDonald / Assistant Vice President, Claims and Contracts, Skuld, Singapore

The records that relate to a ship should give the complete story of its life and operations yet they are often found to be missing or incomplete, often after a casualty or when the ship is sold on to new owners.
Join this session to hear more about the practical and legal impacts of missing documents both in the investigation of a casualty but also in trying to manage the day to day operation of a ship such as maintenance and routine repairs. Does it increase the risk of something going wrong if the crew are going into a part of the ship with no records of what has been done before? Should there be more regulatory control of this matter?

Alistair Johnson, Director / Campbell Johnston Clark, United Kingdom (Moderator)
Paul Martin / Master Mariner, Campbell Johnston Clark, Singapore

In the light of recent losses such as the Maersk Honan and Sanchi, the issue of fire on board vessels has never been more in focus. In this session experts will discuss the importance of investigation in the aftermath of losses and what lessons can be learnt to try and prevent future problems. The insurer perspective will also be considered - can the problem ever be completely controlled?

John Richard Gibson / Partner, Marine Engineer, Brookes Bell Group, Singapore (Moderator)
Gustaf Kristiansson / Marine Underwriter, Markel, Singapore
David Myers / Partner, Fire Investigator, Brookes Bell, Singapore

The ongoing emissions control regime around the world continues to provide challenges for the shipowner both in terms of operating his current fleet but also making decisions about new builds. In this session the regulatory regime will be introduced in overview and then the potential for solutions such as the use of scrubbers or alternative fuels such as LNG will be considered. The financial impact on the owner will be reviewed and then the hull insurance impacts analysed both in terms of where claims might be reduced, but also where new claims might be arising.

George Margetis \ Managing Director, Margetis Maritime Consulting, Greece (Moderator)
Goh Chung Hun \ Deputy DIrector (Shipping 3), Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore
Vivek Kumar \ Managing Director, Western Bulk Pte Ltd, Singapore
Brijesh Tewari \ MCS Manager, Lloyds Register, Singapore

The concept of a CTL is well known to anyone working in the insurance industry but there are subtleties which deserve to be explored once in a while, particularly when the courts issue judgements which seemingly agree with the learned authors of textbooks but still catch some practitioners by surprise. Additionally, how does the practice of splitting hull values between hull and increased value policies impact on the ease of making a successful CTL claim? This panel will discuss both the practicalities, the legalities and the commercialities of all these issues.

Chris Kilbee / CEO, Marine Claims Office, Singapore (Moderator)
Gustaf Kristiansson / Marine Underwriter, Markel, Singapore
Randall Ran / Head of Marine, Aon Singapore, Singapore
Toby Stephens / Partner, HFW, Singapore

The panel in this session will discuss the balance of relationships between insured, insurers and surveyors and consider the benefits of handling claims in a way that is appropriate to their needs, not on the basis of “one size fits all".

Mark McGurran / Director of Marine Consultancy, Braemar Technical Services Ltd (Moderator)
Mark Hadlow / Senior Marine Claims Executive, Axa Corporate Solutions
James Kilbee / Adjuster, Marine Claims Office of Asia Pte Ltd

The traditional dispute resolution hubs of London and New York have many years of precedent and experience on their side, both for wet and dry shipping, and insurance disputes. However, if the parties are based in South East Asia, why take your dispute to the other side of the world if the tools to resolve the dispute are practically in your own backyard. Hear our speakers discuss how Singapore is maturing as a dispute resolution arena and whether parties are becoming more willing to use it as a forum.

Chan Leng Sun, SC / Essex Court Chambers, Duxton, Singapore Group Practice (Moderator)
Jainil Bhandari / Partner, Rajah & Tann Singapore LLP / Partner, Christopher & Lee Ong, Malaysia
Nicholas Fell / Senior Vice President, Corporate Services and General Counsel, BW Group, Singapore
Michael Frevola / Partner, Holland & Knight LLP, New York
Craig Johnston / Senior Manager, Defence Asia, Gard (Singapore) Pte. Ltd., Singapore
Lee Shi Yan / Assistant Registrar, Singapore Chamber of Maritime Arbitration
Alvin Looi / Director (FD&D) Singapore, The North of England P & I Association Limited.
Chris Metcalf / Partner, Clyde & Co., Singapore

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John Martin

John Martin

Managing Director, Gard (Singapore) Pte. Ltd., Singapore
James Kilbee

James Kilbee

Adjuster, Marine Claims Office of Asia Pte Ltd
Paul Martin

Paul Martin

Master Mariner, Campbell Johnson Clark Singapore

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